Welcome to the St. Luke School community website! We hope that this website will be informative and useful to you.

In order to “nurture hope in every learner” and ensure “success for each and place for all”, we strive to be a safe and inclusive school where we protect the dignity of all individuals and we continue to live our motto, “Rooted in the Love of Christ”.

We are blessed with a dynamic and caring staff, dedicated to bringing out the best in your children. We are fortunate to experience a rich faith life, with the support of Father Aleks, from St. Agnes parish church. We are also blessed with a vibrant and dedicated school council, and a large number of volunteers who help with numerous programs and activities in our school. They truly help to make our school fulfill the board’s vision of the school being the “heart of the community, where there is success for each and a place for all.”

We acknowledge and celebrate the support that you as parents provide for our children. You assist in ensuring that the home, church and school work collaboratively together for the benefit of your child. We have the privilege of educating our children in a Catholic school system. We can never take this for granted and must always strive to protect this precious gift.

We hope to keep the website updated with all of the information which you need, in order to keep up with all of the activities which will be taking place at St. Luke School throughout the year.

Please visit our website regularly for information concerning the school, and sign up for our electronic newsletters at https://stluke.wcdsb.ca. Also, follow us on the St Luke Twitter account, @Lukes_Lightning.

We thank you for your continued support in helping to make St. Luke School such a wonderful community.

God bless you.

Kendra Duench