Dear St. Luke Lightning Families!

We would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you as we head into the last days of school at St. Luke 2021-2022.  We would like to extend a special congratulations to our Grade 8 students on their Graduation tonight from St. Luke School!  Congratulations to all the students on an amazing year together, your smiles and acts of kindness make our school a better place.

Report Cards will be sent home with all our students today Monday, June 27th. Please acknowledge receipt of your child(ren) report card by signing the last page and sending it back to your child(ren) teacher by Wednesday, June 29th. This page will be stapled to the school copy of the Report Card filed in your child(ren) Ontario Student Record.

Goodbyes and Welcome:  We will say goodbye to Mrs. Reid as she will be commencing her parental leave as she awaits for the arrival of her new little one.  Congratulations Mrs. Reid.  We welcome back Mrs. Fischer as she will be returning to St. Luke in September!  Welcome back Mrs. Fischer.  We would like to say good-bye to our CYCW Ms. Rossiter begins her new assignment at St. John, we will miss you. 

Thank you: We cannot thank our parents and community members enough for all of your support with your children during this time. We wanted to share with you some words of thanks and express our gratitude to many people who play a pivotal role in helping to keep our school running smoothly and your children safe.

Catholic School Advisory Council: Our thanks are also extended to St. Luke School Council members, under the leadership of Ms. Ana Freitas (Co-Chair) and Mrs. Jennifer McDonald (Co-Chair), who have worked so hard to enrich our school. Our school council commitment, creative ideas, and guidance are very much appreciated.

To our Bus Drivers: At St. Luke School, half of our students ride our buses. We would like to THANK YOU for getting our students to us, and home safely, each and every day. Without you, our students could not get to us and our community would not be as rich as it is.

To our Strong Start Volunteers: Reading is a fundamental skill for all of us and we are so appreciative of the hours that you spend with our youngest students, practicing reading skills and other fundamentals. Our kids are successful because of your help! THANK YOU!

To our Nutrition for Learning Volunteer Mrs. Marg Weiss: When children are hungry, it is very difficult for them to learn. We would like to THANK YOU for the countless hours you spend packing snack bags, sorting food items and arranging food bins deliveries so that our students have enough food to eat! THANK YOU!

Once again, we thank students, parents and staff for all you have done to allow us to have this successful year. We couldn’t have done it without you! In closing, we would like to wish you and your family, a safe and happy summer, filled with God’s blessings of peace, health, and happiness!

Ms. Rosemary Kavanagh


St. Luke