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St. Luke School Fundraiser Update

So far, our school fundraiser looks like a huge success! We have already counted just over $8000! Although today was the deadline for money, we are still gratefully accepting your donations. Let’s see if we can get to our goal of $10,000! Funds raised will go toward a new sound system for our gym, classroom resources (including faith resources), library resources, and outdoor equipment.

On Thursday, February 1st, we have a fun dance-a-thon event planned for our students to thank them for all their hard work in raising funds for our school. With the $8000 our students have brought in so far, they have earned a day with extra recess time, a gum day, a half-day of games and/or music, and no homework for Family Day weekend! If we get to our $10,000 goal, there will be a school-wide surprise treat.

There are also rewards for the top individual pledge earners in each division (including gift cards and a hair makeover for Mrs. Goossens and Mrs. Duench), the top class in each division, and students have a chance to win raffle prizes donated by parents/community/staff members. The top pledge earner in the school will be principal for half a day!

We would like to thank all families who donated money and/or raffle prizes, and a huge shout out goes to our wonderful volunteers who make this fundraiser happen. What a generous school community we have! Way to go, Lightning!