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Cheers to our Skills Canada Team for their ingenuity and teamwork at this year’s competition. Our Junior Robotics, Lego Mechanics and Video Editing teams were all awarded Silver certificates for demonstrating good communication and design skills. The Intermediate Robotics earned a Gold certificate for showing very good collaboration and programming skills. The Intermediate Lego Mechanics worked all their way to a Platinum certificate for demonstrating excellent communication and design master. And the two Intermediate Video Editing teams won Bronze and Gold respectively for demonstrating admirable editing skills.

Robotics Lego Mechanics Video Editing
Yohannes G.

Ian C.

Connor M.

Maguire K.

Sienna V.

Peyton S.

Elyze R.

Gabriel P.

Kadin P-K.

Anthony L.



Robotics Lego Mechanics Video Editing
John C.

Matthew H.

Ryan G.

Thomas R.

Tayla U.

Mara P.

Julia D.

Jessica C.

Kate B.

McKenna W.

Taylor P.


Once again congratulations to all team members.