Dear parents:

We continue to experience problems with some drivers not respecting our drop-off and pick-up procedures. All drivers must obey parking signs on school property and on the streets surrounding the school. Our school busses are often not able to drive up to the bus zone because vehicles are blocking their access. Even upon direct requests from bus drivers and our staff, some drivers have not been cooperating. We will be seeking support from our school resource officer and by-law officer. Eliminating traffic altogether, by closing our driveway and lot to all vehicles other than busses, is an option we will have to explore if this unsafe situation does not improve. Please be respectful of our school’s procedures and do your part to help us build a positive school community at St. Luke Catholic Elementary School.

Secondly, please be reminded that our visitor policy applies to the yard in the morning before school, which means that parents should not be on the yard with the students. Yard supervision begins at 8:05 a.m., so parents are able to safely drop off their children between 8:05 and 8:20 a.m., knowing their children will be supervised by our staff. Our staff and students are often not able to distinguish between adults who are parents or adults who are strangers, so we ask that parents help us by saying goodbye to their children once dropped off at the blacktop.

We appreciate your cooperation with both of these important matters.