Did you know that almost 100% of Textile Waste is recyclable?

 St. Luke School Eco Club is organizing a Textile Recycling Fundraiser. We need your help!

We would like to make a difference and raise funds for our school! From Tuesday, November 6th until Tuesday, November 13th we will be holding a school wide collection of unwanted clothing at St. Luke School. Please bring in or drop off any bagged, clean, dry clothing and linens to our school lobby for collection. The Eco club members will help with the collection and will come to classrooms to collect from any students that bring them to school. We will also be accepting bags on our Interview night (November 8th).

It’s an easy way to clean out closets and drawers at home! We hope you will help us in this important recycling effort!

 Thank you from the Eco- club at St. Luke School!