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Since Halloween does not fall on a school day this year, St. Luke will celebrate on Friday, October 29th.  Students are invited to wear Black and Orange (no costumes please).  Please remember that students are still required to wear their mandatory COVID-19 masks.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot have shared treats. Students may bring a treat for themselves only.  Happy Halloween!

St. Luke SPIRIT WEAR available for purchase!

Are you interested in purchasing St. Luke Spirit wear? Perhaps a good Christmas gift idea!
Marchants is the supplier once again this year.  They will be offering a variety of items: hoodies, sweatshirts, long and short-sleeved shirts, jogging pants, ball caps, winter hats, and even 3-layer masks! The online store will be running from Tuesday, October 19th- Tuesday, November 2nd. Everything will be shipped directly to your home.  There is free shipping on orders over $75.
Here is the direct link to the online store:
Happy shopping!

Upcoming Student Census

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware, we have our WCDSB Student Census beginning in just over 2 weeks. We invite you to please have a look at the census here

The purpose of the WCDSB Student Census is to eliminate systemic racism and advance racial equity in the WCDSB as authorized by the Anti-Racism Act in s.7(2).  The WCDSB Student Census is a confidential and voluntary survey for all students from Grades 4 to 12 that students will complete with their classroom teacher during class time.  The results and analysis of the census will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of students within the WCDSB and of the cultural, social and demographic makeup of our students.

The WCDSB Students Census is voluntary. Any student may choose not to participate, to stop participating, or to skip a question at any time. Additionally, parents/guardians of students under 18 years of age can ask that their child be exempt from participating in the census. As part of our communication campaign, information has been distributed electronically by school Newswire, on our website, and on social media.  As you will read within the Student Census information, there is an OPT out opportunity, this process is explained within the link. The OPT out option is available until October 25th should parents choose this.

We look forward to sharing the results from the Student Census as it becomes available.

October 2021 Update

Autumn has begun. Leaves are starting to turn and the staff and students of Saint Luke are falling into established routines. With staff guidance, students are building stamina and remaining engaged on assigned tasks. Our staff and students are called to welcome, include and help others every day. Student work in this area is evident in our hallways, classrooms, and playgrounds. Thank you to our parents and guardians, staff and students for collaborating to make St. Luke is a special place to learn and grow.

We would like to wish all our St. Luke’s Families a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Thankfulness is important when we are thinking about others.  Being thankful for what we have helps us to recognize the work others do to serve us.  Please keep our community in your thoughts and prayers over this coming Thanksgiving weekend! Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday, October 11th.

As we prepare as a community to celebrate Thanksgiving, please pay close attention to the reminders listed below:

Thank you …

  • for your cooperation, dedication, and patience as we work to make this community a healthy and safe place that all can thrive in.
  • to all our students who recognized the solemnity of the day by wearing orange and participating in the active listening that we need to do to stand in solidarity with our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters.
  • for your continued diligence in completing the COVID-19 Self-Assessment for each child every day.
  • to those who have already donated to our Thanksgiving Food Drive. Ms. Deneau and Mrs. Palubeski have been doing a terrific job collecting the non-perishable food items and letting everyone know about our campaign.
  • To Mrs. LaLonde, Mr. Ken Howlett and Mr. Roger Mikel who always contribute to our school and together we celebrated National Custodian Appreciation Day which fell over this weekend on October 2nd.

School Highlights

This Friday is a Professional Development Day. There is no school for students on Friday, October 8, 2021.  This will lead us into the long weekend for Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 5th was World Teacher Day! The theme for this year is “Teachers at the heart of education recovery.” We especially thank the teachers at St. Luke school who have gone above and beyond in so many ways to make our students feel safe, included, and successful in these ever-changing times! Thank you for all you do!

Safety is a priority every day in our school. The beginning of the school year is the best time to remind students of the basic principles of being and remaining safe at school and in the community.  These past few weeks we have provided opportunities for our students to practice and improve safety drills to prepare staff and students to respond in the event of an emergency at our school.  We will be having fire drills, a tornado drill, and a lockdown.

Our first inaugural Catholic School Advisory Council meeting took place on Tuesday, September 28th. I am pleased to inform you that the following individuals have agreed to serve a one-year term of office on the Council:

  • Co-Chairs: Ana Freitas and Jennifer McDonald
  • Treasures: Kris Takas
  • Secretary:Rebecca Coker
    Pastoral Representative: Britt Stork
  • Community Representative:  unfilled at the current time


All are welcome to attend our monthly meetings. The next School Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 12th at 6:30 p.m. (Virtual). 

WCDSB Updates

Please visit our School Board Website for updates and recent information.  Here is the link:

The school board has added a new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion webpage.  You can find it here:

Important Reminders

Please make a point of regularly checking your email, especially over the weekends, as we will contact you immediately if Public Health contacts us with any COVID-19 classroom isolation directives.

A reminder that student cell phones are only to be used under staff supervision. They are for academic use or in case of emergency and a student needs to call home. In both circumstances, a staff member must supervise their use. Please do not text or call your child on their phone during the day. If you need to give them a message, please call the office and we will make sure they receive it. Thank you for your co-operation.

Umbrella Project

This month our focus is on building Empathy. All the Umbrella Skills can be built with practice and this month we are working to build the empathy piece of your child’s umbrella of wellbeing skills. What will empathy do for my child? Create strong social networks.

Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understand what they may be feeling. It is a key ingredient to successful relationships with our friends and family. High levels of empathy result in lower levels of conflict and better problem-solving. It also helps us make new friends, keep the ones we have and build a stronger social network.

Having a strong social network helps us live longer and is one of the best predictors of our health and happiness. Each week we will add one simple step you can use at home to build your child’s umbrella skills. This week’s tip is:

Help your child recognize and label their own feelings.

Understanding what you are feeling in a given situation helps children learn to empathize.  When we ignore or suppress feelings it’s difficult to understand them in others. At home, make sure your child understands that all of their feelings are okay, including sadness, anger, frustration, and how to recognize those feelings. Help them give these feelings a label. Then set clear boundaries about what is and isn’t okay to do with the feelings. For example, it’s normal to feel angry at a sibling but not okay to hit them as a result. This simple step helps children learn to calm themselves, cope better with life’s ups and downs and empathize with others.

Receive monthly parenting tips that complement the skills we are working on at school.  Please visit the website to sign-up . We know our umbrellas get stronger when we all work together!

Upcoming Dates To Note

October 3rd to 9th               Fire Prevention / National Catholic Health Care / Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 4th to 9th               St Luke Food Drive

Tues. Oct. 5th                       World Teacher Day

Wed. Oct. 6th                       St. Luke Spirit Wear Day – show your pride!

Fri. Oct. 8th                          Professional Development Day – no school for students

Sun. Oct. 10th                      World Mental Health Day

Mon. Oct. 11th                      Happy Thanksgiving Day

Wed. Oct. 13th                     St. Luke Spirit Wear Day – show your pride!

Sat. Oct. 16th                        World Food Day

Have a wonderful week.   Please continue to follow the direction of Public Health so we can safely attend school. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we have so much to be grateful for.  

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Kavanagh

St. Luke Catholic School Principal

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