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RisingOaks at St. Luke UPDATE

As we shared with you on September 18, 2021, the RisingOaks Early Learning child care centre at St. Luke was closed on Friday, September 17, 2021, due to the discovery of mould in the washrooms.   

Additional investigations in the child care centre have taken place and abatement and remediation is getting underway. We are hopeful that the work in the child care centre will be completed in approximately a month. 

School and board staff have worked closely with RisingOaks, the Ministry of Education and Public Health to coordinate alternate accommodations for the child care.  Today I am writing to let you know that the child care will be running in two classrooms in our school starting Thursday, September 23rd.  The child care centre will operate as close to normal as possible, including; 

  • child care parents will pick up and drop off from the courtyard at the rear of the school and will not enter the school.   
  • toddlers and pre-schoolers will travel with staff across the tarmac to play in their usual play area, and, 
  • hours of operation will remain the same. 

While this will be an adjustment for our community, we are happy to be able to support our child care partners and their families. 

Ms. Kavanagh

Principal St. Luke WCDSB

Terry Fox Run

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School is on board with over 9,000 schools coast to coast to coast to help continue Terry’s dream of a world without cancer.  The Terry Fox Foundation needs our support. Please donate to: Together, we can all make a difference! #terryfoxschoolrun @terryfoxfoundation

September Updates

September Updates 


We are off to a great start at St. Luke! Students have established excellent daily routines and have done a very good job of following the health and safety measures. Please reinforce at home the importance of physical distancing, sanitizing, and washing hands as much as possible to help keep everyone safe!

  • To all parents for calling the school and reporting child(ren)’s absences.
  • To our parents, students, and staff for working together to ensure a safe start to our school year.  We appreciate your patience with our school procedures.
  • Congratulations to our Grade 3s who received their First Holy Communion and to our Grade 8s on their Confirmation.

Daily School Screening

Thank you for your continued diligence in completing the COVID-19 school screening for each child(ren) every day. Parents DO NOT need to send us the daily results.  Please note that even when you don’t need to send us the results, you still need to complete the screening every day before your child(ren) comes to school. Completing the screening, wearing masks, maintaining proper hand hygiene, and distancing are all ways we can help to keep the children in our care and our community safe.


School Highlights

  • Mrs. Palubeski is happy to announce that our Learning Commons (library) is open for classroom visits. Students can browse and take books out as well as enjoy some Read Aloud in person.  We will review the social distancing rules in the Learning Commons with each class.
  • We are looking into a Lunch Program for the school.  More information to follow.
  • Reminder that the Office is closed from 11:05-12:05pm please leave a message and we will return your call.

WCDSB Updates

Please visit our School Board Website for updates and recent information.  Here is the link:

Please find attached information regarding the upcoming Student Census and virtual parent consultation sessions offered by WCDSB. Student census memo.

We’re thrilled to be back at school and proud to celebrate with our #WCDSBAwesome new video. Take a few minutes to see what a Quality, Inclusive, Faith-based Catholic education looks like.  Your path forward awaits.

Link to video:

Register here:

Important Information About WCDSB International Languages Programs  (press on link)

Skills Ontario International Day of the Girl   (press on link)

WCDSB is recruiting parent volunteers for CPIC from several families of school locations.  Please see the attachment if you are interested in this opportunity: CPIC Recruitment Poster 2021.pdf

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board and District 8 Athletic Association are happy to announce the return of its inter-school athletics. You can read the full announcement at:

Important Reminders 

If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher an appointment is necessary. The classroom teachers’ first responsibility is the teaching of the children during the regular school hours. Please leave a voice mail message for your child’s teacher and they will return your call in a timely manner ~ within 48 hours. If you have a concern regarding your child, the first call needs to be directed to the classroom teacher.

DOGS NOT ALLOWED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY: Though we love our four-legged friends, some of our children have severe allergies and are frightened by an encounter with a dog. Our school board prohibits dogs on school property for the protection of your children as well as for the protection of your pet.

If your child(ren) rides bicycles to school, we remind you to ensure that your children’s bicycles are roadworthy, that your children are familiar with the rules of the road, and that their bicycles conform to local municipal by-laws with respect to licensing, operation and equipment. All students need to wear helmets when riding a bicycle. They must ride them to the edge of the school property and then walk their bike to the bike rack.

We wanted to remind students eligible for bussing of the following … we are required to submit a seating plan to Public Health for contact tracking and precious time is wasted calling out to families who are eligible but do not ride the bus. If you qualify for the bus, but you have no plans to ride, you are required to fill out a “Do not Ride” form with STSWR: DO NOT RIDE form online. Students have assigned seats on each bus and in most cases, siblings are seated together. The seats are assigned in collaboration with the school bus driver and the school principal. It is important that all bus riders sit in their assigned seats for each and every ride.  Masks must be worn on the bus at all times.

School Picture Day

Individual and class school pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 28 for all students JK to Grade 8.  Please try to avoid appointments on that day, since class pictures cannot be retaken. Picture Day packages were sent home with all students last week.  You can also order pictures by visiting the following website and entering our school ID.

Lifetouch Website:

Picture Day ID:QX551062Q0

Click here to learn more about the protocols Lifetouch has implemented this year.

Nurturing a Catholic Community

Parents will receive information from our parish to register for the appropriate Sacraments this coming year.  Please call the Parish office (519-885-4480) or visit St. Agnes website should you need more information:

Orange Shirt Day

In honour of our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation through Indigenous Education, we will be hosting Orange Shirt Day on September 30th. We recognize the harm residential schools caused to our Indigenous people and we honour those that survived and remember those that did not. We recognize the ongoing effects of intergenerational trauma caused by residential schooling and we wear an orange shirt in support of those who have been impacted by the harm of residential schools. For more information:

Saint Luke Catholic School Advisory Council

Saint Luke Catholic School Advisory Council’s initial meeting of the 2021/2022 year will be held virtually on Monday, September 27th at 6:30 pm. The agenda will be sent to all parents who filled out the form expressing their interest to be regularly participating members of the advisory council. Thank you for volunteering!


Umbrella Project

Help your child identify their strengths

There are so many admirable researchers that have dedicated their careers to childhood wellbeing and Professor Lea Waters at the University of Melbourne is one of these great minds. Much of her research centers around developing a strength-based approach to parenting. Specifically, she has found that children cope better with stress when they know what their strengths and strong coping skills are and when we, as parents, help to connect our children to their strengths.

So how can we use the Umbrella Project to parent from a strength-based perspective? Beginning in October, we will be focusing on learning about and practicing a different umbrella skill. As you learn about each skill, be sure to help your child recognize which skills are strengths for them. Maybe your child naturally gravitates towards kindness, is great at taking on challenges with grit, tries lots of new and unfamiliar things with an open and flexible mind, or has a highly developed sense of purpose. There are plenty of positive coping skills and your child is probably already very good at some of them.

In order to have the best wellbeing outcomes, we don’t want to miss the important step of having them recognize these skills in themselves. We want our children to know when they are using those important strengths. Remember that all the coping skills work best together, so we also want to notice the skills our children may not have developed yet. When you notice a hole in your child’s umbrella of skills, this is a great opportunity to look at the parenting tips for that skill and select the few that work best for your family dynamic. By focusing on the combination of knowing our strengths and continuing to develop new skills, over time we can have a huge impact on our child’s resilience and happiness in the face of challenges.

Learn more about strength-based parenting in this 2 minute video.

Health + Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Have a wonderful week!. Remember to follow us on Twitter @Lukes_Lightning to see all the amazing happenings at St. Luke

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Kavanagh

Daily School Screening
Thank you for your continued diligence in completing the COVID-19 school screening for each child(ren) every day. As of Monday, September 20th, you DO NOT need to send us the daily results.  Please note that even when you don’t need to send us the results, you still need to complete the screening every day before your child(ren) comes to school. Completing the screening, wearing masks, maintaining proper hand hygiene, and distancing are all ways we can help to keep the children in our care and our community safe.

Let’s do our part!

Rising Oaks Child Care at St. Luke Shutdown

It is come to our attention on that mold was discovered on Friday, September 17, 2021, in the child care centre at St. Luke. School board staff are coordinating with RisingOaks Early Learning and an environmental contractor to undertake additional testing in the child care centre space and school to confirm the extent of the issue and plan an abatement program. Effective today, the child care centre at St. Luke will be closed until further notice.  Staff are working closely with RisingOaks to coordinate the use of other space in the school to relocate programming and help support RisingOaks’ families.

We understand that this news may be concerning, however, staff have approached this matter with the health and safety of all students and staff at the forefront of their decisions and taken the actions necessary to limit possible exposure by shutting down the child care centre.

Further information will be shared with our school community as it becomes available.

Safe Arrival at St. Luke

In the morning, our supervisors are on the yard from 8:05- 8:20am. If your child arrives after that time,  please have them come to the front doors of the school and report directly to the main office. Similarly, if you are dropping off a child after 12:05pm please have them report to the main office upon arrival.  As part of Safe and Secure Schools, all doors to the school remain locked. Please call the school when you know your child will be absent or is ill 519-884-4912.



We are pleased to announce that Lifetouch is coming on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 to take individual pictures of students and staff. Please see the Lifetouch video which shows the steps they are taking to ensure Picture Day is safe for everyone. You may order pictures on using this Picture Day ID: QX551062q0

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